Sunday Jazz Session One-revised-1

Phil Davis and Jeffery Sandburg

Sunday, March 13, 2016, the Tucson Jazz Society in association with Brother John’s Beer, Bourbon & BBQ Restaurant, located at 1801 North Stone Ave. here in Tucson, launched the first in a series of Sunday Jazz Sessions. For more than 3 hours, an event scheduled to run from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM, went well past its deadline because the walk-up musicians were plentiful, and the Phil Davis Jazz Session was having too much fun to stop playing. Led by Phil Davis on lead guitar, the jazz group consisted of Malik Allkabir, who provided some wonderful solo performances on saxophone, Jeffery Sandburg on Bass who performed superbly throughout the early evening, Lamont Arthur, who, in addition to his masterful performance on piano, provided the audience with wonderful scat singing that brought the heart of jazz to the audience. Finally, the multi-talented Mr. Doug Davis on drums provided the rhythmic pulse of the group throughout the session.

Sunday Jazz Session One-revised

Kathy Davis

We must also pay tribute to our walk-up jazz performers from the audience who gave us quality performances we had not expected. Based on what we were able to enjoy, it would be very safe to say that jazz lives in Tucson. All persons attending our Sunday Jazz Sessions are welcome to join the group and provide us with their own jazz renditions. While all of our walk-up performers were fabulous, there were two stand-outs that deserve special mention. Our very first walk-up, a Mr. Kalomo Kambui Johnson, provided a trumpet performance that led to his accompaniment of the group throughout the entire session. The adrenalin of the session was clearly provided by Mrs. Kathy Davis, wife of drummer Doug Davis, who provided us with a rendition of “Fever for the Rhythm and Blues,” co-written by her and her husband. The tune was so well loved by the audience that it was the only tune of the session that caused members from the audience to stand up and dance. You owe it to yourselves not to miss these free of charge Sunday Jazz Sessions brought to you by the Tucson Jazz Society and Brother John’s Beer – Bourbon – BBQ. Join us next Sunday, March 20th from 3:00 PM to 6:00 PM and feel the spirit of jazz alive in Tucson, courtesy of your Tucson Jazz Society.

Special thanks to the members of the TJS Meetup group that made the first Sunday Jazz Jam a huge success.
Clarence Boykins, President Tucson Jazz Society