Tony Malaby, tenor saxophone, is bringing his group, Paloma Recio to Tucson. Although this group has only released one record, the self-titled 2009 disc on New World Records, it has been one of Malaby’s main groups, playing countless gigs throughout New York City and elsewhere and they will be recording another album on the heels of this performance. The blend of this group varies greatly from many of Malaby’s other projects, in large part due to the presence of Ben Monder’s electric guitar and the soundscapes he conjures, complemented by the off-kilter swing from bassist Eivind Opsvik and drummer Nasheet Waits. “There’s a dimension of painting that I feel when I play with Ben and Eivind that I find to be really powerful,” Malaby explains. “There’s a harmonic richness and Nasheet’s approach to how he frames things, with a really deep swing, is just perfect with how Ben and Eivind play rhythmically.