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Phone: (917) 676-1164
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Cynthia Hilts is composer, pianist,vocalist, lyricist, bandleader, and teacher. She recently returned to hometown Tucson, after thirty years in New York City. Her repertoire includes vocal and instrumental versions of the Great American Songbook, jazz standards and songs from many sources, and her own catalogue of original jazz compositions.

Ms. Hilts has performed solo and led a number of ensembles in festivals, concerts, clubs and radio broadcasts in New York City, the US, Europe, Mexico and Africa. She also directs musical endeavors of all sorts, including theatre, light opera and songwriters.

Lyric Fury is a NYC based all-star octet performing Hilts’s most adventurous compositions, with Jack Walrath, Lisa Parrott, Lily White, Deborah Weisz, Leigh Stuart, Ratzo Harris, and Scott Neumann.
“Pianist Cynthia Hilts’s album Lyric Fury–a funky mambo full of Mingus-meets-Debussy-and-
Carole-King flavor–is one of the more outrageous releases of 2017. Indeed, Lyric Fury
is designed to challenge and entertain, start to finish.” DownBeat

Her CD “Second Story Breeze” on Blond Coyote Records, is a jazz trio featuring Ron McClure on bass and Jeff Williams on drums. And “Stars Down to the Ground”, released in 2000 by the Montana Artists Refuge, features compositions created during Hilts’s residency, recorded with Montana musicians.